Go Lean, Up Energy, Manage Weight

Live better with neuropsychology-based fitness lifestyle coaching. World-class coaches bringing unobtrusive and personalised plans. Join the fast-growing LBL members community.

Authentic. Science-based assessment

Lean is a simple and accurate measure. LBL index is a developmental tool and an authentic measure of lean body fitness lifestyle.

Neuropsychology-based lifestyle coaching

LBL coaches use empathy-based coaching to align brain & behaviours. The Anchor Practice interlinks your identity with practices.

Membership and Star rewards. Community

LBL is a member-first brand. LeanBody stars is a 30-day practice-based rewards program. And encouraging one another.

The Anchor Practice TAP™

Transformation requires more than just physical behaviours change. Lasting change is possible when physiology is integrated with neuropsychology – the brain, the emotional and mental behaviours.

Neuropsychology-based Anchor Practice builds new neural networks. Because it is simple and unobtrusive, it integrates all key behaviours to bring life-long internal change.

LBL coaches are certified in TAP™. The empathy-based coaching model brings awareness and progress monitoring resulting in consistency. The identity connect brings lifetime-changes.

Lean is a way of lifeIt is how you think, how you move, how you eat