Your neck is an important measure of your lean body

Functional Fit, Flexible and Agile For Life with The Anchor Practice TAP™

Live & Feel Better with Neuropsychology-based Wellbeing Lifestyle Coaching. World-class Coaches bringing Simple and Unobtrusive Personalised Lifestyle Plans Blending Ancient and Modern Best Practices for Internal Change.

Increase Life Energy, Lower Anxiety and Stress.

Better Body Shape, Sleep & Recovery.
Intuitive Nutrition.

A Calm, Powerful Mind.

All-in-One Lifestyle Experience. All in with Lb.

Authentic. Science-based Measurement.

Lean mass is an authentic measure of wellness lifestyle. Lean Body index is a pre and post measure that helps trigger self- awareness and observation starting internal change. From the brand that created the country’s first fitness index.

Neuropsychology-based Lifestyle Coaching.

LBL coaches use deep awareness-based coaching to bring holistic changes . TAP™ into life energy with Ancient Meditative Movement, QiGong. Modern Alexander Technique to assist recovery. And sleep better. Intuitive Nutrition for self change.

Members Experience. LXP Star Rewards.

LBL is a member-first brand. Lean Experience Points LXP is a 10-30-30-30 day practice-based rewards program. The growing community provides support and encouragement. Earn a Star at 90 day completion. Get a social badge. Well deserved.

The Anchor Practice building new neural networks. High energy & Calm Mind in 3 minutes.

The Anchor Practice TAP™

Transformation is more than just visible physical behaviour change. Lasting change happens internal: with neuropsychology – the brain aligning the mental and emotional behaviours with physical.

Neuropsychology-based Anchor Practice builds new neural networks. With simple ancient practice Qi Gong synced to world music and coaches bringing rhythm. Intuitive nutrition ad recovery .

LBL coaches are certified by LeanBody The Anchor Practice School LB TAPS™. The empathy-based coaching model brings self-awareness and progress monitoring helps with consistency. The identity connect brings lifetime-changes.

Dr. Ann – Leading clinical psychologist sharing her Lb experience
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Lean is how you think in your body, how you move your body and how you really feel in your own body. Lean is a way of life.