Functional Fit, Flexible and Agile For Life with The Anchor Practice TAP™

Live better with neuropsychology-based wellness lifestyle coaching. World-class coaches bringing simple and unobtrusive personalised lifestyle plans integrating ancient and modern best practices.

Restore your mind and body connect.

Find your rhythm with the fast-growing LBL members community.

Authentic. Science-based measurement.

Lean mass is an authentic measure of wellness lifestyle. LBL index is a pre and post measure that helps trigger self- awareness and observation starting a positive dialogue.

Neuropsychology-based lifestyle coaching.

LBL coaches use deep awareness-based coaching to bring holistic changes . TAP™ into life energy, mind body with Qi Gong, Alexander Technique and nutrition, recovery best practices.

Members experience. LXP Star rewards.

LBL is a member-first brand. Lean Experience Points LXP is a 10-30-30-30 day practice-based rewards program. The growing community provides support and encouragement.

Lean Body

The Anchor Practice TAP™

Transformation is more than just visible physical behaviour change. Lasting change happens internal: with neuropsychology – the brain aligning the mental and emotional behaviours with physical.

Neuropsychology-based Anchor Practice builds new neural networks. With simple ancient practice Qi Gong synced to world music and coaches bringing rhythm and nutrition plus recovery .

LBL coaches are certified in TAP™. The empathy-based coaching model brings self-awareness and progress monitoring helps with consistency. The identity connect brings lifetime-changes.

Lean Groove

Meet our coaches

Nuria Costal

Nuria – Director Member Experience & Lifestyle Coach

Originally  from Cancun, Mexico,  Nuria Costal 22+ years international career experience spans across training and development, operations with global firms.With studies in hotel management, a masters in finance and various certifications as an instructor and most recently as a Health & Life Coach; she believes that anyone can achieve maximum potential with focus and practice building a better version of self.

Deeply passionate, energetic and a positive person Nuria had her aha moment when she sky jumped in 2015 from 10000 feet with thrill, fear & excitement and her family from the ground watching the sky with more fear than excitement. A free fall of 1500 metres in 15 seconds can take your breath away, literally.

Trained in jazz, tango and folklore dance over 10 years, Nuria now is bringing energy into LBL members lives.

Sohini Bhattacharya

Sohini – Lifestyle Coach

Live. Let. Be. Flow is how Sohini identifies with self.Sohini Bhattacharya believes in being fit through having a healthy mind and a body. As a psychologist and a dancer, she has realised that combining these two facets in your daily life will give marvellous results in being #Lean. She joined dance school at 2, before she joined regular school.

LBL is curating Neuropsychology, Dance and Dance Movement Therapy and Sohini is bringing her unique talents in building the member experience. As an accomplished classical dancer for over 14 years, she brings deep practice and is deeply commitment to bettering lives.

Sohini believes in the celebration of life and helping LBL members in a transformational journey to being #Lean.

Ravish Dhamija

Ravish – Founder,CEO & Lifestyle Coach

Urban athlete, entrepreneur, zen mind and designer, Ravish has scaled three successful businesses in Asia – since 2011 across Ed tech ( Silicon India best startup and Axa India innovation of the year ), Financial services and Sports The Run™. Prior strategy, sales and ops experience and award-winning career with Hewitt.

One of the country’s first Ironman certified coach and Crossfit Instructor, he has advised, assessed and coached the State police and special forces, communities on core strength, lifestyle. Founder at Urban Fitness UF™ and UFA Foundation energising people with community sports and fitness lifestyle coaching. 

He is passionate about endurance sports and has trained in martial arts, shorin ru, Zen warrior practices ik Qi Gong. His interests are varied – cycling, boxing, weight-lifting, portrait photography, history, philosophy, music, arts, design & technology. He is on a mission to energize lives with rhythm and unity of mind and body. #theleanvibe

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Lean is how you think in your body, how you move your body and how you really feel in your own body. Lean is a way of life.