A prince who transformed the monks

How an Indian prince transformed the monks from being sick and weakly to some of the strongest fighters in the world !

Are you a monk?

Am reminded of a recent encounter. I was in the midst of my Qi Gong #qigong#meditation#martialartslife practice at the community park. And this question came out of nowhere: So do you live like a monk? Asked this elderly gentleman who was sitting at the park bench taking in the sun. He was intrigued and curious whether he himself could do it. I paused for a moment and responded – Well, anybody can!!

The story of a prince


Let me share the story of the prince who was born during 5th AD. Bodhidharma – the legendary Buddhist monk was born an Indian Prince who renounced royalty and the legend says traveled far to the Shaolin monastery in China , and today is widely considered the father of Zen and Shaolin QiGong besides the Shaoling Kung Fu. You may recall the amazing feats of monks. Including a single finger handstand. That in reality wasn’t always so.

Bodhidharma on reaching the monastery was saddened to see monks being sick and weak. And given his elite training as a warrior prince decided to integrate that with buddhist monk practices to bring unity in body and mind through movement, meditation and breath. That started an internal change bringing physical strength, mental clarity and intense focus. These practices later became more detailed, and advanced, transformed the monks from being sick and weak to what we know today and consider the real elite peaceful but strongest warriors in our world considered exemplary at mental & physical strength. Been my personal benchmark to live better..

The principle of lean body

Across my life, I have learnt from many masters about modern and ancient practices. As Buddha said – “Don’t rely on the teacher, rely on the teachings” Much wisdom there. Qi Gong is an elite practice that brings transformation for everybody. Basics that are good for a beginner: 10 or 100 year old men or women and advanced for elite athletes to up performance.

LBL™ has introduced the legendary practice in the 90-day lean transformation program besides many more. QiGong according to neuroscience brings clarity and calm. It has personally helped me on the path..

Lean is within and real change means internal change. #authenticity#authenticself#authenticliving

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