The axis of your body!

Your spine forms your body’s axis! Axis of the earth:An imaginary straight line around which an object spins. Earth spins on its axis once every 24 hours. Earth’s axis goes from the North Pole through Earth’s center to the South Pole and is tilted.– NASA Axis of the human body:Your Spine is right up there as the […]

What they never taught you at school!

“Focus on your studies”Sounds familiar !!! The friendly ( almost 🙂 constant advice from our teachers and parents alike. I don’t recall a consistent friendly reprimand that told you ” Focus on your body” Sports and fitness were considered to be secondary. In the pre Lululemon era the discarded clothes were your fitness attire.And there […]

The monkey mind

“The human mind is filled with drunken monkeys, jumping around, screeching, chattering, carrying on endlessly”– Gautam Buddha#buddhaquotes#lifeadvice#lifeafterlockdown LBL first principle – A well directed mind will serve you better than anyone or anything else. As a mountain it will stand firm against vices and suffering, as water it will help you flow freely. And as nature it […]

A prince who transformed the monks

How an Indian prince transformed the monks from being sick and weakly to some of the strongest fighters in the world ! Are you a monk? Am reminded of a recent encounter. I was in the midst of my Qi Gong #qigong#meditation#martialartslife practice at the community park. And this question came out of nowhere: So do you […]

TAP into Life

Tap, Tap, Tap !!! The sound went and I could feel the auditorium reverberating with energy !! The audience were in awe with the grace, the movement and agility with which the Spanish team was playing and the Flamenco dancer ( in pic ) was moving. A dance performance unique in its own ways – […]

Rhythm of Life

“Your mother’s heartbeat is the first sound you ever hear and your own heartbeat is the last.” — Dave Brubeck ( jazz musician )Quote source – quotefancy So I grew up in a family where music permeated our life and days. And the beat still goes on. There is magic in music. Think of different sounds […]

Neck matters

How you think shows up in your body. How you feel in your body shows up in your thinking. And a measure of your neck may reveal insights into your overall health and impact your appearance. That is what we do at LeanBody for Life™ – an authentic brand helping you think better and live […]