Rhythm of Life

“Your mother’s heartbeat is the first sound you ever hear and your own heartbeat is the last.”

— Dave Brubeck ( jazz musician )
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So I grew up in a family where music permeated our life and days. And the beat still goes on. There is magic in music. Think of different sounds that come together to form a score, a piece, an ensemble. Even the sounds of nature!

Like we create music, mother nature designed a rhythm for our lives. Scientists call it the “circadian rhythm”. A study (credits: science daily – society of neuroscience 2009) found that chronic disruption of one of the most basic circadian (daily) rhythms — the day/night cycle — leads to weight gain, impulsivity, slower thinking, and other physiological and behavioural changes..

Lifestyle is about how you live! So in reality it is of finding that rhythm. Rhythm is a beat, it is a vibe, it is that spring in your step. It is that energy that is within you and outside of you. It is unlimited. But it is also available to use to live better!

And that’s our mission at LeanBody for Life™. To bring that energy, that rhythm, that vibe back into our members’ lives through our world-class coaches. Live better with The Anchor Practice™ (TAP)

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About the author:

Ravish Dhamija is the founder at LeanBody for Life. He writes about life and lifestyle experiences…