The axis of your body!

Your spine forms your body’s axis!

Axis of the earth:
An imaginary straight line around which an object spins. Earth spins on its axis once every 24 hours. Earth’s axis goes from the North Pole through Earth’s center to the South Pole and is tilted.

Axis of the human body:
Your Spine is right up there as the first principle of your body. It is the axis around which you move in 24 hours cycles. Your spine supports your structure, your posture, your nerves and organs. It literally keeps you grounded. The ancients knew this better. In my personal experience and practice, Ancient far eastern practices transform your spine strength in a way no modern techniques does. Bringing flexibility for life with the ancient practices for a strong spine to help you be centred, are the world-class coaches at LeanBody for Life™

Find your centre:

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