The monkey mind

Anchor Practice

“The human mind is filled with drunken monkeys, jumping around, screeching, chattering, carrying on endlessly”
– Gautam Buddha

LBL first principle – A well directed mind will serve you better than anyone or anything else. As a mountain it will stand firm against vices and suffering, as water it will help you flow freely. And as nature it will get you centred and find rhythm in the life energy..Be:)

And that is what we do at LBL. Bringing The Anchor Practice™ and helping our members tap into that rhythm of life.
UF™ I LeanBody for Life™ – Member first neuropsychology-based(with TAP™) lifestyle coaching platform

Anchor in your mind and go deep with practice. Gain clarity and calm, focus and alleviate depression. With ancient & modern practices.
TAP™ into life with our world-class coaches. Guiding you simple and unobtrusive.

Launching soon Lean-groove – Country’s first neuropsychology-based dance and rhythm integrated lean lifestyle program.


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