What they never taught you at school!

“Focus on your studies”
Sounds familiar !!!

The friendly ( almost 🙂 constant advice from our teachers and parents alike. I don’t recall a consistent friendly reprimand that told you ” Focus on your body”

Sports and fitness were considered to be secondary. In the pre Lululemon era the discarded clothes were your fitness attire.And there was no study subject on how to use your body.

Circa 2020-21, There is a tectonic shift in how one looks at human body and mind. Lifestyle has gone mainstream and re-education is just beginning. And therefore given the years of “knowledge” the understanding of our body is based on dated information and physical behaviours alone.

At Lean Body for Life UF™ I LeanBody for Life™ – Member first neuropsychology-based(with TAP™) lifestyle coaching platform, We are an authentic brand bringing you reeducation of use of the self. First you understand your body, then you develop deep feeling and only then transformation and change happens. How? Through practices focused on better mental and emotional behaviours. World-class coaches bringing body and mind together through The Anchor Practice TAP™ building new neural pathways.. Simple and unobtrusive.

Ancient practices #coaching like Qi Gong and modern practices like Alexander technique. #sleephealth What they will do for you is relieve anxiety and depression, reduce sickness, increase clarity and calm and bring

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