Neck matters

How you think shows up in your body.

How you feel in your body shows up in your thinking.

And a measure of your neck may reveal insights into your overall health and impact your appearance.

That is what we do at LeanBody for Life™ – an authentic brand helping you think better and live better. We have been on a mission to bring science-backed research insights and fresh thinking to our work and energy to our fast growing LBL members community That is why we created country’s first fitness Index back in 2014-15, in partnership with National Human Resource Development network NHRD Bangalore Chapter and later recognized by the Karnataka State Government Government of Karnataka

At Lean Body for Life™ the comprehensive science-based assessment developmental tool LBL Index takes a measure of your neck besides other parameters. Because waist size is a limited view as is the weight. Lean is about how you think, how you stand, how you move. It is different 🙂

Whether you are dealing with weight or sickness, or are health-conscious, or are a competitive athlete, There is a LeanBody personalised plan to get you started in a simple and unobtrusive way.

“Lean is a way of life”

Of becoming a better version of yourself. Of finding the practices and staying with them that lead to real transformation, For Life…

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